1 dress, 5 ways

A few weeks ago, I went shopping at Target and found a cranberry printed sheath dress.  I purchased it immediately and when I went home that day, I decided to do the 1 dress, 5 ways challenge.  My goal was to wear the same dress to work for 5 consecutive days, but to change up the look each day.  


In this first look, I paired a 3/4 length gray sweater with some gray booties to give the look a casual vibe. I also threw in necklace with pink rhinestones to match the pinks and reds in the dress.


In this second look, I went more casual and threw on a long sleeved chambray shirt and tied it for a more effortless look. I also paired it with my favorite brown rugged calf length boots to complete the look.


For the third look, I decided to keep it very simple and let the dress shine through! I added a simple gold belt and a pair of pink earrings to give the look a very lady-like feel. This was one of my favorite ways to style the dress.


For the fourth look, I added a long gray cardigan to the dress and a belt to complete the look. This look is perfect when you want to change up the outfit a bit more.


For the last look of the week, I added a full navy blue pleated skirt to the dress. I also threw on a silver necklace, and added some flats to the outfit. This is another great way to change up a busy dress – by adding a full skirt!